Welcome to blue pebble

At blue pebble we are committed to excellence and focused on helping clients achieve their goals.
blue pebble is led by, and staffed with experienced consultants and resourcing specialists from across the Canadian marketplace.

Our talented team of business and technology consultants is experienced in implementing change across multiple industries and delivering technology solutions within a dynamic and challenging marketplace.
blue pebble adapts to our ever-changing environment by developing flexible approaches to solutions – solutions that will take an organization into the future, while working within the parameters of its current environment.

Our world-class recruiting team has the experience and networks to meet long and short term resourcing and staffing requirements across multiple industry sectors. We focus on finding the best talent in the industry to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We bring together a wide range of multidisciplinary experience and expertise required to successfully meet human resources needs of our clients and design, innovate, deliver and sustain significant improvements in the quality and productivity of your business.

Why Blue Pebble - What's in a Name?